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Membership : Become a member and make your Web profitable !


Many visitors come to visit your site each day, make it profitable with our program of affiliation.




Each registered site for our affiliation platform is commissioned on the sales according its traffic. For each sale, the affility makes 10% of the sale exclusive of tax (excluding delivery).




It is guarantee the recongnition of your seles. 
Your sales cn be recongnition durring 30 days only with one click thanks to Tracking performant of Reactivpub.




Sign up for our platform Reactivpub and apply for Wyyne. The subscription is free. After you have a easy access  for all our base of affiliation :


- banners

- RSS flow

- offers code






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complementary informationin :

The remuneration of our Affiliation Program is based mainly on a tracking performance system and simple to set up, which allows our team to monitor the activity processed by the sites of our affiliates.

How : when the user clicks on one of your links the redirection to (banner, text link, product image, RSS flow...) a cookie is placed onhis machine. If the customer buy on our site, this element allows to save the sale on your account and earn reactivepub with other sales.

If your visitor does not decide immediately , you are not lose ! As the cookie has a lifetime of 30 days, he has a time to think out and order... as well, his purchase will be assigned autoomatically. All this information is collected in real time by the the counting system of our hish-performance platform Reactivpub via a tag placed on the confirmation page of the reactivpub payment, and you will be conected directly on your account.  

You can also find the number of impressions, clicks, sales, revenues of product, and of course, your profits (amount of commissions, retail, personal statistics). All information that we give you, guarantees flexibility and optical responsiveness, to managing your account in full autonomy. At the end of each month, Reactivepub pay you your commissions.

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