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A rapid "kosher" delivery service !


Opening Special Offer : -50% on Shipment ! wants to give you as a customer the best service we can, which is why we offer you our kosher express delivery service ! 

  1 - In general

  2 - Order preparations and shipping

  3 - Reduced delivery costs

  4 - Terms and conditions

  5 - Order tracking





1 - In general can offer you several different delivery options; it is up to you to choose which one fits you the best :



TNT : express delivery within 24 hours !


For our kosher 24 hours delivery service, we have chosen to work with TNT, on of the largest transport and shipping companies in the world with more than 350 000 parcels delivered daily only in France. We have a special service with our partner TNT for wine and spirits deliveries that we are offering you. 




It may not always be convenient for you to await your delivery at home, which is why we propose, in partnership with TNT, to deliver your wine to anyone of the 3500 Relais Colis handout points in France. We can also deliver to your workplace.


If you have chosen delivery to your home but you are unable to be at home to receive your delivery, your parcel will automatically be deposed at the Relais Colis closest to your domicile. You will receive a notification of this through your parcel tracking number (that you will find on your account on the webpage) or receive a notification by sms (texto) if you have given us your cell phone number. 



TNT offers you :


- Express delivery before 1 p.m. the day after your order has been prepared.

- To use the numerous the Relais Colis handout points 

- You can trace your parcel and follow the state of your order at any point through the process thanks to the parcel    tracking number found at your account on the website

- A safe and secure delivery. You will receive your wine personally, with a receipt.


La Poste : delivery within 48 - 72 hours with Collissimo Expert



The Colissimo Expert offers you :


-  Delivery to your home

-  A rapid delivery, 48 - 72 hours after leaving the warehouse

-  A secure delivery, you are asked to sign a confirmation upon receiving your goods and you can refuse reception if you are not satisfied with the state of your goods 

-  If your are not at home the moment of your delivery, your parcel will be waiting for you at the nearest post office and you will be notified of this by a document left at your home. 

-  Online tracking of your order at all moments




Important : "Kosher" delivery!


With TNT, we assure you not to deliver on shabbat and yom tov.


For example if you order a product that is mentioned to be prepared within 24 hours on a Wednesday before noon, our 24 hours preparations time included, (verification of payment and order preparation) you will receive your wine on Friday morning before 1 p.m. 


Colissimo expert offers a non-contractual delivery within 48 - 72 hours. With this option it is more difficult for us to guarantee a 100% kosher delivery. We do however try to send the parcels on dates that do not interfer with the obligations of the religious calendar.


For example, if you order a product that is mentioned to be prepared within 24 hours Monday before noon, our processing time included, (24 hours to verify payment and prepare the order) you wille most likely receive your wines Thursday before 5 p.m., possibly Friday before 5 p.m. 


Consequently, if you place your order on a Thursday it will leave our warehouse the following Monday to arrive at you Wednesday or Thursday.


If you have any questions, special orders to place or an urgent demand to make - please contact us by phone. We may also under certain conditions and in the Paris region only, deliver you the same day through our instant delivery service.






Delivery the same day trough our instant delivery service  


Our instant delivery service proposes a delivery of one, two or three bottles the same day.



Be aware however, that there is a minimum purchase is 12 bottles for the instant delivery service.






2 - Order preparation and shipping


Here are the steps carried out during the purchase and delivery process :

After we have received your order and it has been confirmed (payment confirms the order) and the payment validated, we will prepare your order. This usually takes 2-3 days to maximum 10 days for a large selection of our wines. 


For all other wines in our selection the preparations takes somewhat longer time : 3 - 5 days up to three weeks, depending on the rareness of the wine ordered and supplier availability. To ensure correct information and transparency in the order preparations process, the time delays for the wines are indicated on the info section for each wine.   

After this step our partner TNT engages to deliver you within 24 hours, the next day before 1 p.m. or to a parcel handout point if you have chosen Relais Colis. La Poste delivers within 48 - 72 hours. 





3 - Reduced delivery costs - good prices


For mainland France, the following are the delivery prices (these are the best prices that we have managed to obtain after  thorough market research and remember, you don't have to do anything) :


Freight, insurance and packaging included



 12 bottles

non available 

49,95 €

18 bottles

non available 


69,95 € 

 24 bottles 

non available 

79,95 €

 30 bottles

non available 


89,95 €

 36 bottles

non available 

99,95 € 

More : contact-us







4 - Parcel protection


All our wines are carefully packaged in protective materials to ensure that you receive them unharmed. Our packaging procedures and the materials we use respond to the highest quality demands on the market and follow the European quality norms regarding the transportation of alcoholic beverages. We ensure that your wines have a maximum of protection before they leave our warehouse.  



5 - Order tracking offers you to monitor the progress of your delivery at any time, in real-time. All you have to do is connect yourself to your account on our webpage (go to "track my parcel) and use the parcel tracking number that has been given to you. 







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