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Who we are, and how it began... 



A revelation…


How did we get the idea to start ? As passionate lovers of kosher wines, we have seen a lack of good distribution channels specialized in this on the current market - and decided to change it.  We like the concept of e-business and we strongly believe in the possibilities that e-commerce offers the kosher wine lovers - now

and in the future. We thought that together, this is a winning combination ! That's how it all began...



But why a webpage rather than a traditional cave/cellar offering kosher wines?, one might ask.

Our goal is to offer a quality kosher wine selection to as many as possible, regardless of whether they live in the Paris area or elsewhere in the country. And all this without the customer having to travel, or come picking up his wines himself to bring them home !



From theory to practice !


Convinced as we are that there is an interest for our idea out there, the next step was to put the idea into practice. Creating a business plan, finding suppliers/producers, finding venture capital was all carried out with the help of our background and years of experience in the e-business.


Several weeks of market research and a fruitful alliance with a former client (an e-business expert, who by the way created the first European photo development site) later, we had also managed to find a suitable name...

"" didn't come overnight !


If you can figure out why we chose the name Wyyne, we will give you 10 € to buy for on the site !

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Our goal : combining pleasure with an experience !    


And here we are ! Aiming high and with everything set and ready to give you the pleasure of enjoying your kosher wine at home, with friends or for family festivities in complete serenity ! We can provide you : 


- A large selection of quality kosher wines and champagnes

- Quality : our wines are stored under optimal conditions

- The best value-for-money selection, all year round

- Help in choosing your wines as well as helpful hints and advices

- A high level of confidentialty in every aspect

- A rapid and reliable delivery service 


Hoping to soon be counting you among our customers, just contact us for any suggestion you might have !




Sincerely, the team 




Company data is a company specialized in the selling and distribution of kosher wine and champagne. 

We are an SARL with a capital of 15 000 €, registered at the Tribunal de Commerce de Bobigny. 



501 214 696 RCS Bobigny

104 Avenue de la Résistance

93100 Montreuil




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